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Makers of Matryoshka, Creepy Aliens, Balls vs. Pixels, Azure Ball, Balls & Bricks Battle and some other cool Games & Apps for iOS, macOS and tvOS.

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Solve puzzles, dive into action, unleash your creativity or test your agility, make your choice.

Limonval Video Games (division of ICI Solutions) is developing casual video games exclusively for Apple's iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices. Located in the charming town of Welkenraedt, Belgium, bordering the German frontier, we take pride in creating gaming experiences that transcend the boundaries of fun by offering accessible and engaging entertainment. Our dedicated team in this picturesque locale is on a mission to make gaming accessible to everyone, with a diverse range of titles catering to casual gaming enthusiasts on smartphones and tablets and computers.

Our captivating games, paired with outstanding graphics and intuitive gameplay mechanics, make Limonval Video Games the ideal choice for those seeking an immersive, portable gaming experience on iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices. Explore the world of Limonval Video Games and discover the joy of gaming at your fingertips, right in the heart of Europe.

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